bed bugs

The bed bug are wingless bugs that feed off their human hosts or other warm blooded animals at night. They are very small (5mm for adult bugs), and they are not invisible to the naked eye as most people assume. You will know of their presence through tiny blood spots in your bed sheets. If you look carefully, you can also see white eggs around 1mm in size hidden behind crevices and dark spots.

There are several places that bed bugs hide. Although they usually feed at night, it doesn’t mean that they don’t come out in the mornings as well. They usually hide out in the seams and springs of your bed, folds of curtains, cracks on the floor or cabinets, drawers, wall hangings and even luggages (yes, they travel with you if you let them). Because bed bugs are almost flat and oval shaped, they can squeeze in just about anything that can hold them.

Bed Bug infestations can become heavy in a relatively short amount of time if left unchecked. It is possible for a newly hatched bedbug to progress from egg to mature adult in 5 weeks. Adult Bed Bugs can survive a long time without a blood meal (6 to 12 months under the right conditions), until a suitable host appears.

Bed Bug treatment

The ingredients for successful eradication of bed bugs can be achieved through an intergrated pest management program with regular inspection and treatment of all harbourage and breeding areas. Communication and education with our client is paramount in effective management of bed bugs.

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