Ants are social insects that live in nests. The nests vary in size depending on the age and the species of ant. Ants are a very successful insect group with about 1300 species in Australia making ants one of the most common pests found in Australian homes.

Ants can be broadly divided into two groups - black ants and brown ants.

Black ants, also often known as garden ants, house ants or common ants, only have one queen and live in colonies. Their size varies depending on whether they are a worker (3-5mm long), drone (5-7mm long) or queen (6-9mm long).

Brown ants are generally smaller, between 1–3mm, and are a reddish-brown colour.

Ants often create nests inside cavities between building levels, inside walls, roof voids and moisture affected timber. Ants are scavengers who are constantly on the lookout for food which is why they often pop up in buildings as unwanted guests.

Ant treatment

Pest control for ants usually includes an internal and external treatment.

Interior treatments includes placement of ant baits which combine an attractant and a poison. Ants can travel large distances foraging for food so it is important to not just mask an ant problem. These baits are designed to be transferred between the worker ants and then taken back to the nest where entire eradication of the ant colony is achieved.

External treatment around access areas may include direct application to a nest site, a barrier band insecticide application or placement of specific ant bait gels and granules to areas of ant activity.

Its important to locate and treat the nest, which at times can be tedious and time consuming. Holes may need to be drilled into walls and voids, such as inaccessible ceiling cavities, to reach the nest.

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