bees & wasps

Worried about bees or wasps. You should be. Bees and wasps are a nuisance pest that can be potentially life threatening to people with allergies.

Only female wasps have a sting which they can use repeatedly, if they feel under threat. Treating a wasp nest is often the most efficient way to control a wasp problem and reduce the threat of stings.

Wasps can build nests outdoors under eaves or, if they can gain access, they can find sheltered areas inside your home, such as wall cavities, roof spaces and attics.

Bee or wasp treatment

If a nest is discovered you shouldn’t attempt to get rid of it yourself. A bee or wasp treatment may require a liquid pesticide or dust application depending on the location of the nest or hive. Chemical application may be best performed in the early morning or early evening when activity is minimal.

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